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Calgon Carbon
Traded as NYSECCC
Industry Industrial ProcessingWater Treatment
Founded 1942 (as Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Company)
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Key people
Randy Dearth (President/CEO)
Revenue Increase$555 Million USD (2014)[1]
Number of employees
Slogan Pure Water. Clean Air. Better World.

Calgon Carbon Corporation is a Pittsburgh (USA), Pennsylvania based company[1] that manufactures and markets products that remove contaminants and odors from liquids and gases, both for industrial, municipal, and consumer markets.[2] Calgon Carbon's product lines typically use activated carbon in various forms,[3] UV light technology, or ion exchange technology, and the company is the largest producer of granular activated carbon (GAC) in the world.[2] The company also offers reactivation services, wherein activated carbon can be recycled.


Activated carbon[edit]

Activated carbon, which is a small form of carbon with a large pore structure that can remove impurities,[13] was one of the first products produced by the company in the 1940s.[6]Initially manufacturing granular activated carbon (GAC), the company also began producing forms such as powdered, pellets, and later cloth.[3] Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical introduced an early activated carbon system to decolorize sugar in 1955, and in the 1960s the company began using GAC for removing tastes and odors.[6]

As of 2015 Calgon Carbon sells over 100 product types that use activated carbon, for what the company claims are for "700 distinct applications,"[2] including the removal of mercury emissions, air treatment in industrial contexts, purifying soda ash and food liquids like high-fructose corn syrup, removing color and odor, and industrial processes for the chemical and petroleum refining industries. Carbon cloth is used for medical purposes including wound care, various defense applications, and diverse industrial products. Activated carbon can be used in respirators and aids in metal recovery in the mining industry.[3] The company began selling FLUEPAC carbon in 2007, which is powdered activated carbon for filtering the mercury "in flue gas streams from coal-fired electric power plants."[6] In 2014 the company began branching into the ultra-capacitor market, using activated carbon in electric storage cells for hybrid vehicles.


     Calgon carbon corporation is a major supplier of activated carbon and adsorption systems and services to the petroleum refining industry worldwide. Calgon carbon, the world leader in  activated carbon technology, manufactures ddifferent grades of granular, powdered, pelletized and impregnated activated carbons at six production plants in the u.s. and europe, and operates five reactivation and recycling facilities.

       This brochure provides a summary of the uses of activated carbon within a refinery and shows the benefits it can provide

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